Meet our Dogs

Doodle Moms

Lillyanna - AKC White Standard Poodle


AKC Cream Standard Poodle

Our gorgeous and majestic Lilyanna "Lily" is an AKC registered cream Standard Poodle weighing about 50 pounds. She has a loving temperament and a wonderfully playful personality. Isabella and Lilyanna love to play, love kids and are part of our family. They sit on the couch next to us watching TV and love to just hang with the family. Both moms love to sleep in ours and the kids' beds. They are very smart. Lilly and Izzy enjoy road trips to the Uinta mountains with the family, where we go mountain hiking and they get to run in the mountain streams.

Isabella - AKC Red Standard Poodle


AKC Red Standard Poodle

Our sweet Isabella "Izzy" is a beautiful deep red AKC registered small Standard Poodle. She weighs 40 pounds. She produces stunning red mini Goldendoodles that have held their color. Her most fun activity is romping with Lily and Charlee - they are inseparable and always entertaining for the whole family to watch.

Charlee - F1 Goldendoodle


F1 English Goldendoodle

Our beautiful F1 English Goldendoodle Charlee will have her first litter in 2018. We are planning to pair her with a red Miniature Poodle for gorgeous teddybear Goldendoodles that will be apricots and reds. Watch for more details in early 2018.

Doodle Dads

F1 Mini Goldendoodle


F1 Mini Goldendoodle (External)
OFA Certified

Flynn is a wonderful Mini Goldendoodle stud that produces gorgeous fluffy puppies. His owner says if he was a human he would be a surfer type, loose shaggy hair, not a care in the world! He has a great blocky Golden Retriever shape but the perfect non-shedding coat from the poodle. The perfect combination!

Mini Red Poodle


Miniature Red Poodle (External)
OFA Certified

Gryff is an outside AKC Miniature/Toy Poodle Stud that has a wonderful quiet, easy-going temperament and deep mahogany red coat. He is fully health tested and consistently produces deep red, mini Goldendoodle pups with excellent personalities